What is the Mentoring Program?

The DayBreak Mentoring program is an opportunity offered to students in Lincoln Heights to be paired one-on-one with a mentor who offers spiritual enrichment, teaching and encouragement based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is the commitment level for a mentor?

Mentoring requires a higher level of commitment than any other ministry at DayBreak. Commitment is key for this type of relationship to thrive and be effective. Mentors must be able to commit to a minimum of 1 year and are highly encouraged to continue the relationship as long as they are able and it is positively impacting to the mentee. Mentors must meet with their mentee at least twice a month for a minimum of eight hours total. Additionally, the mentor must be able to commit to attending mentoring meetings, trainings or socials.

What might a one-on-one mentoring time look like?

Mentoring times must include prayer and a component of Biblical truth/teaching.  Mentoring may also encompass tutoring or homework help, fun activities such as movies, games, sports, socials or outings, life-skills building such as cooking, finances, job/college visits, goal-setting, etc., relationship-building, and crisis intervention.

What Qualifications Must I Meet to be a Mentor?

Mentors must:

  • have placed their faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior

  • be in a consistent spiritual accountability structure where they are growing in their faith (such as a small group)

  • affirm that they agree in full with the eternal values of McLean Bible Church

  • be able to meet both the monthly and year-long time commitments

  • be at least 18 years old

  • pass a background check

Expected Benefits to Being a Mentor

  • Greater intimacy with God

  • Being directly involved in a child’s life

  • Fulfillment resulting from serving

  • A new and fresh perspective on life

  • Ability to make a difference in a child’s life

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